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Swiss Reds

We took a week holiday back in July to visit Switzerland.  We went primarily for the riding but I couldn’t resist taking a few iconic images of this beautiful country…



The cloud clings to the mountains, hugs and wraps them protectively. Can make them look on fire, asleep, mysterious or violent… (more…)

Yesterday, we decided to go on a mini road trip through 3 countries. We thought it would be cool to go through the Mt Blanc tunnel to Italy, then over the Grand St Bernard pass into Switzerland and back to France via the Col de la Forclaz and the Col des Montets.


This morning I got up early to catch the sun rise over Chamonix. I've been meaning to do this for a while but a combination of laziness and cloud cover had prevented me until now. I'm so glad I made the effort though as the light was stunning… (more…)

Possibly the coolest magazine in the world, Altus is a free, bilingual magazine packed full of interesting articles about life in the Chamonix valley. Keep your eye out for it in shops, cafes and restaurants – it's a great read.


This week, the yearly festival of climbing arrived in Chamonix. The climbing world cup is an exciting event which most people in Chamonix will come and take a look at – even if they're not into climbing. The spectacle of the 15 metre climbing walls and the young athletes sprinting up them or hanging upside down by a toe is pretty amazing. Here it is in pictures…


I braved the vertigo yesterday to make it to the top of Brevent. It's not particuarly high at 2525m or difficult as its accessed by two cable cars but it makes my stomach churn just looking at it from ground level. Something about the huge gap between the mid-station at Planpraz and the top station of Brevent but I made it and here are the pictures to prove it! (more…)