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CHAMONIX – Issue one of the SUPER ALPINE magazine is now available.

Super Alpine magazine Chamonix

In this special launch edition, we have a massive 214 pages of photographs and stories from the Alps’ most famous mountain resort.



Swiss Reds

We took a week holiday back in July to visit Switzerland.  We went primarily for the riding but I couldn’t resist taking a few iconic images of this beautiful country…


09-06-2013 26

A new fern unfurls in the June sunshine.  I am constantly astounded at the beauty of nature (hard as we humans try to ruin everything by ‘improving’ the land) Mother Nature never fails me.

Every Day in May

I’m taking part in Every Day in May – an event designed to get everyone off their bums and fundraising for the Royal Marsden cancer charity. We’re on day 14 of 31 and there’s still a long way to go.  I’ve chosen the 5k per day option but there is a 10k per day for the super-fit. We can cover the 5k using any means of self-propelled transport – roller skating, space hoppers or pogo sticks. I’ve chosen the rather conventional bike and run option.  I was really suffering when this photo was taken on day 6 – my legs felt like lead. But I’ve persevered and am getting into it a bit now.  I’ve run and ridden through sun, heat, cold, rain, wind and hail so far.

There’s a great camaraderie amongst the participants too with a facebook page, twitter and all the fund raising that goes into such an event.  You can sponsor me here if you feel so inclined!


I love spring – I think I may have mentioned that before! The colours, being outdoors, running, riding and walking, being woken up by the birds, daylight, sunshine, showers and flowers… (more…)


It may not seem like it with the cold biting wind and sleet outside but spring is here. I’m hoping to capture it in all of its glory this year, so stay tuned for lots of flowers, bees and hopefully, some sunshine!