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As you will know, back in January I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder following on from impingement syndrome. I fell off my mountain bike back in July landing heavily on my left shoulder. I thought it’s about time to give you an update on my progress….

I had just had a steroid injection before my last post on the subject and was in the ‘do nothing’ stage of recovery. My physio recommended that I should try to do nothing with my arm for 10 days after the injection. I dutifully did this and returned to see him in the 10th day.

It was a bit grim to be honest. He asked me to put my arm straight and measure how high I could get on his door – I could only manage straight out and that hurt. He marked the height and then proceeded to hurt me! He worked on my joint for about 20 mins and we measured again – it was about 2cm higher. All that pain for 2cm but heyho, it was an improvement albeit, slight.

I was sent away with some exercises to do and really tried hard with them in each session. He said to do them as often as I could but I found I could only manage twice a day without losing height rather than gaining height on the door. I had marked my starting point in my own door with masking tape to measure my progress.

Two weeks later I was back at the physio’s for more work. I had made great progress in those two weeks and could move my arm up another 10cm above the previous high marking on his door. I was chuffed and he was amazed. He said I might have the quickest frozen shoulder recovery ever!

I’ve been working on my shoulder twice a day since and am due back to see him this week. I don’t think I’m any higher on the door than before but I’m consistently hitting the top spot. My arm feels much more comfortable elevated like when holding onto the steering wheel while driving or hugging Mr R around the neck! I can also sleep on my left side – something I’ve not been able to do for months.

I think my positive attitude has helped a lot and I can only put that down to Cedric Gracia’s recovery from a life threatening pelvic injury last year and Mr R’s encouragement – calling me a ‘worm’ helps me a lot! I will keep you up to date with my progress because I’m not out of the woods yet – the injection will wear off soon so we’ll see if my hard work is enough to stop it getting any worse.