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20130125-135845.jpgI’m having a bit of a pamper today. It’s great for the soul (if not for the bank balance)!

I finished my old job of 11 years yesterday and have a week off before starting a sparkly new job. I’m taking the time for a bit of a reboot! The people there don’t know me and have no expectations of how I look, so it’s the ideal time for a bit of a change.

I love this sporty look but sometimes this can come across as a bit androgynous. I want to look more girly. A splash of bling, a bit of pink and a smidgen of gloss.

I’ve thrown away the ‘work’ clothes – the boring polo necks, greys and scruffy boots that I’ve worn almost every day for months. I’ve bought some new jeans (yes, I can wear jeans in my new job – hurrah), some nail varnish and had my hair done. I’ve even bought some lipstick!

Just changing one or two things can make a huge difference in how you feel let alone how you look. Out with the old and in with the new and I feel fab!