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They're here, they're here and I love them! Let me show you why….


I wanted a business card that is for me rather than a business. Something that I can hand over when someone asks me for my phone number or why I'm taking their photo. I didn't want a stuffy, boring or normal card – I wanted them to be personal and shout 'it's me' when people look at them. That's exactly what I got from

The whole experience with moo was a pleasure. From designing the cards, waiting for them to be delivered, the emails from 'little moo' to keep me informed of where they were in the process – it was all perfect.

When they arrived they were packaged beautifully. They come in the box above which is an excellent storage holder with its magnetic lid.

The cards themselves are 600g which it twice the thickness of a normal 'thick' card. The print has a fabulous matt, grainy effect which is kinda clever and unique.

I ordered 50 with 4 different photos with the same text on the back. I opted for a purple background with white text and I chose well!

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