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Loving the outdoors and living in a city don't normally go together but we managed to combine both by a trip up the road to Whipsnade Wild Animal Park yesterday. It was a sunny, cold day and I totally get this long tailed lemur sitting in the sunshine enjoying the view – it's chill out time!

This pair of long tailed lemurs appeared to be plotting their escape.

Ahhh, three baby otters in a row.

The same 3 otterlets having a dip.

The bird demonstration was amazing. Not least because they didn't fly away when they had the chance.

This is the first time I've seen a tiger – amazing is all I can say. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when he looked right at me.

Beautiful flamingos.

A rhino having a lay down. He looked like he'd like some ear fuss.

Gorgeous cheetah lying in the sunshine.

The common waterbucks were quite interested in me. Do you think they could smell my packed lunch?

European lynx – amazing. Really perked up when a boy started taking flash photography. She fixated on him for a good 5 mins – good job that fence was there.

European lynx cubs – one of two little beauties.

I must admit that do feel uncomfortable supporting the business of plucking animals from the wild and keeping them in a cage in a foreign country. I do understand breeding programs and conservation but do feel that we're only conserving animals for our own consciouses if we're not striving to get them back in their wild natural habitats too. Luckily, Whipsnade does have a full conservation program based in the countries the animals are disappearing from. Rant over!