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Yesterday, we decided to go on a mini road trip through 3 countries. We thought it would be cool to go through the Mt Blanc tunnel to Italy, then over the Grand St Bernard pass into Switzerland and back to France via the Col de la Forclaz and the Col des Montets.

It was a day of tunnels. This picture was taken in the Mt Blanc tunnel and is a combination of brake lights, signs and overhead lights.

Into Italy and into tunnel after tunnel!

A glimpse of the mountains between tunnels.

The Italians know how to do rest stops.

This cool compass was in the rest stop. The chair swivels round to show you how far away various points are. Lovely Swiss craftsmanship.

The Grand St Bernard pass has some lovely buildings. This Italian farmhouse caught my eye. I can just imagine living here with cats and goats.

Smooth, curvy road leading to the climb over the St Bernard pass.

Massive rock formations on the pass.

The top.

Check out these cute St Bernard toys you can buy. The owner was just unloading another box load of them so I guess business is good up there. The real St Bernard dogs were used by monks to rescue travellers until 2004 and legends said they had brandy in the caskets around their necks.

Grand St Bernard Swiss/Italian border.

The air is thin on the pass. The Doritos exploded a few moments later!

We took Mr R's bike so he could ride down the pass.

Waterfall on the pass.

Napoleon came through here in 1800 with 46,000 men. Pretty sure the snaking road wasn't there at the time though.

Beautiful little church with an amazing mosaic. Only the Swiss could route the road right next to it, put a road sign next to it and put metal barriers round it!

Swiss flag flying proudly on the Col de la Forclaz.

Then it was over the Col des Montets and home for a nice cup of tea.