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This weekend is the Mont Blanc Marathon weekend and I entered the 10k – it was an eventful race!

This year we started in 3 waves depending on our projected finish time. I was in the 2nd wave as I hoped to finish in about 1:10.

The weather was hot and sunny even at 9am but luckily most of the 10k is in dappled sunshine or shade. The start was noisy with spectators, cowbells and music – it was a great atmosphere.

The first part of the course took us through Bois de Bouchet – one of my regular running places. Smiling for the camera, I found my pace and started to settle down.

The course was up double track, then some rocky, gnarly singletrack and then down double track. Two new sections had been added this year which made the course longer and definitely harder as they were killers!

The race was made up from all sorts of people from 50 nationalities according to the commentator. Candice Brigand (5539 above) from France finished in 399th in a time of 1:16.

Despite falling flat in my face in the previous corner and with bloodied knees and elbow I still managed to do my fairy impression for the camera on the next section!

Paul Hayley (above) from UK eventually finished in 114 position with a time of 58 mins.

Out into the full sun for the first time after the gruelling singletrack section – it was about 30 degrees!

At the finish, somehow from somewhere I managed to sprint and overtake the lady in front of me.

Then it was straight off to the Croix Rouge Francais hut for some medical attention by some rather nice men.

I’d finished In 448th in 1:19 bruised, bloodied and batttered and got my medal to prove it!