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The weather forecast said ‘gloomy’ for today but I thought it looked more mystical than gloomy. So I popped on my waterproof jacket and headed up the trail looking for fairies and pixies…

Bright pink Soapwort flowers growing on the wet rock at the side of the trail. Who need street lamps?

I love the giant moss covered boulders littering the valley trails. Can you imagine the noise that it made when it fell here?

A beacon in the murkiness. This Black Rampion flowers whispers ‘come to me, come to me’!

So soft, this moss would make a great pillow for a weary traveller if it wasn’t growing vertically on a huge rock!

I don’t think Chamonix was ‘gloomy’ at all today. I got soaked through, muddy knees from taking the photos and cold hands and although I didn’t find and fairies or pixies, I came back from my little jaunt up the valley with a big heart and a smile on my face!