A journal of running, healthy food, mountains, bikes and technology by Julia Revitt

I love coffee. Especially a lovely milky cappuccino from my favourite cafe in Chamonix. The smell, the rich creamy taste – yum! However, caffeine does not like me anymore…

A couple of years ago I cut out caffeine. Went cold turkey so I could tell my clients what cutting it out felt like. I felt dreadful for two whole weeks starting with a relentless headache and then flu-like symptoms which made me ache from my hips down. But then it was over with and I was free from the addiction.

A couple of years on and I only use caffeine as a stimulant – before a race or exam when I need a bit of a buzz. It makes me really on edge and super chatty!

Last week I made a conscious choice to start having a little daily again. I’m off to France for 3 months again soon and they’ve not heard of decaf. So I though it would hurt to add a little back in. I had one small latte every morning last week and really enjoyed them.

But then in Thursday evening I had a heart palpitation and another 2 on Friday. Hmmm, maybe this isn’t such a good thing after all. So I stopped. I had a headache all weekend. That’s after 5 small lattes over a week. Amazing how quickly the caffeine affected me. I think I’ll stick to peppermint tea from now on apart from the occasional treat at my favourite cafe with a gorgeous pain au raisin – hmmmm now that’s worth waiting for!




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