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I've read some inspiring running books lately so I thought I'd share my favourite three…

  • 'Born to Run' by Christoper McDougall. A little obvious this one but it is truly inspiring whether you subscribe to the barefoot running school of thought or not. It's a lovely mix of travel, adventure and running. Well written and the only book I've finished and then read again immediately from cover to cover.
  • 'Ultra Marathon Man' by Dean Karnazes. Regardless of what you think of Dean you've got to applaud the man's achievements. This book covers his humble beginnings right through to the Badwater and Western States races. An easy to read and quickly devoured book.
  • 'How to Run' by Paula Radcliffe. I'm cheating here a little as I only got this book yesterday and haven't finished it. It's a coffee table book with loads of illustrations and beautiful looking rather than the word heavy paperbacks of the other 2 books in my list. It covers everything from goal setting, choosing the right shoes to how to become a successful marathoner.

So, if you've lost your running mojo, pop along to your local bookstore and get inspired!




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