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I am lucky enough to own an iPhone, iPad and iMac but I think the i's might be taking over my life!

I'm rarely off one of these devices. They are my email, my twitter, my blog, my TV, my music, my camera, my diary, my alarm clock, my book, my internet – my life basically. When I am on one I tune out of conversations, lose track of time and become generally unsociable. I can try to hold a conversation whilst writing this blog on my iMac but it will be a shallow form of conversation with my mind half split between the task in hand and trying not to be rude.

Games are my downfall. I must have an addictive personality because when I find a game I like, I'll play it constantly until I've cracked it or got bored of it. Don't let me near Tetris, or Freecell, or Farmville or TradeNations – seriously, don't let me near them or I will disappear into them for hours.

But the thing is as all true addicts will admit – I don't want to stop. I love my i's. My iPhone feels great in my hand, my iPad is fab to watch videos on and my iMac is awesomely fast. They inspire me, they relax me, they enable me. Don't take away my i's!