A journal of running, healthy food, mountains, bikes and technology by Julia Revitt

I’ve heard a lot about ‘flow’ – the state of running or riding where you are totally at one with your environment that you forget you exist. Up until this trip to the alps, I had never experienced ‘flow’.

What changed for me was getting some running coaching. I learnt how to run more efficiently but it wasn’t an easy process, I’m still learning and probably will always be.

So in learning to become more efficient I injured my hip. Besides being incredibly frustrating I was concerned because I obviously wasn’t doing ‘it’ right. But instead of giving up and going back to my old style, I kept in contact with my coach, sending him videos of me running and kept at it. I fell out of love with running during this time, my hip kept hurting and I felt slow and heavy.

We came out to the Alps in May (I saw coach Ian in March) and before arriving in France my running was a bit sporadic as I was trying to let the hip heal but keep some running fitness for this trip.

I’m pleased to report that my running improved amazingly quickly when I started running in the mountains. I think it was due to the fact that you can’t spend your time over-thinking running when you’ve got to navigate, watch for rocks, roots and have stunning views.

Now, 3 weeks into my trip I believe I’ve reached a state of ‘flow’ with my running. Most importantly, it doesn’t hurt to run – no hip pain, no pain of any type. I feel just as fresh after my runs as I do before them – fresher infact as my mind is cleansed. When running, I am not thinking about specifics such as posture all the time anymore, I am just running. I seem to float above the trail with feet barely in contact with the ground. This sensation is my ‘flow’.