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The Camera+ application from taptaptap for the iPhone gives the iphone camera a new lease of life. It turns a mediocre picture into a great one by using a series of filters, crops and borders.

Check out my before and after pictures below.

You can use it to take photos, edit them on the spot and update immediately to twitter, Facebook or Flickr. Or you can use it to edit existing photos from your camera roll. The special effects are wonderful, I use the ‘clarity’ effect on most pictures to bring up the details and then use a colour filter such as ‘vibrant’ or ‘so emo’ to create the effect I am looking for. The crop option allows for freeform cropping and the border selection has everything from plain black & white borders to fancy bleeds and rounding.

All this just for 59p! I can guarantee it’s the best 59p you’ll ever spend. I was thinking of buying a new camera this year in the region of £300 but it’s not worth it. Camera+ turned my iPhone 4 camera into a £300 camera. Try it, you won’t regret it!