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If you've been following my tweets recently you will know that I've lost my running mojo. After getting super enthusiastic about learning a new running style, I then went out and injured my hip and have been struggling with my running ever since. I let the injury heal and shortened my runs but my hip kept aching after a few minutes. I primarily run because I want to but this niggling ache stopped me from enjoying it and so I fell out of love with running.

Today, however, I'm pleased to report that I'm head over heals again! Nothing has really changed physically but my mental approach has altered significantly. I went out today and ran my regular 7k route backwards with Alice in Videoland blasting through my headphones. I kept my mind on keeping my steps short, lifting and relaxing my feet and just went with the flow. And flow is what I found I'd been missing for a few weeks – that feeling of lightness, completeness and happiness. Welcome back running, I've missed loving you.


If you've lost your running mojo, try out a few of the hints below and see if you can find it again:


  1. Run a different route (or the same route backwards)
  2. Run on a different surface (if you're used to tarmac, try trail or vice versa)
  3. Make a running playlist of your absolute favourite songs timed to the length of your run and stick some really uplifting ones in there at regular intervals
  4. Forget about everything, leave your troubles behind and just run
  5. Enter a race
  6. Book a running holiday
  7. Relax and smile – it really does help!





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