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Every winter I find myself resorting to DVD’s in order to keep fit.  I don’t run in the dark as it’s no fun so my running is constrained to the weekends.  I think home workouts do a great job of keeping me active and supple during these dark months.

This year I have discovered Davina’s Body Buff workouts and I love them.  There are 3 workouts on the DVD – Buff Cardio, Buff Boxing and Buff Legs & Core but it’s so much more too.  The Buff Cardio routine lasts about 30 mins but has another 15 mins of killer arm work with weights – add the warm up and cooldown to the program and you’re talking about 1:15 workout!  The Buff Boxing is incredibly good fun and has 15 mins of tough ab work.  I have to admit I have not done the Buff Legs & Core yet as my legs get a workout every day from cycling to work and back twice and running at the weekend.

Davina as ever is great to follow and really gets into the workouts – and her abs – it’s keeps me going –  trying to get abs like that!  You can buy Body Buff from Amazon for £12.93 or as I did from iTunes for just £7.99.