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I’ve had my iPad for nearly two weeks now and have downloaded some pretty cool applications onto it. One of my absolute favourites is Flipboard.

Flipboard is a great looking application that amalgamates your Twitter and Facebook feeds. On the cover page you can choose who you want to see – individuals or lists from Twitter and your Facebook feed. When you enter that feed, Flipboard displays it in a magazine layout, showing pictures, videos and tweets/Facebook status updates. You can read the items from Flipboard itself or, if they are long articles, choose to view them in their original web page. It makes reading your feeds a real pleasure because it’s so good looking – I even like to see my own – see picture opposite. It encourages me to post more pictures and share links to make the pages look more interesting! I have a huge amount of running friends on Twitter and it’s fabulous to see what they’re posting in a magazine layout. I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy a paper magazine again! My only want is that I would like to be able to post Facebook status updates and new tweets from within the application (you can reply to tweets). Flipboard is a free application available on the App Store. Amazing!



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