A journal of running, healthy food, mountains, bikes and technology by Julia Revitt

Well, I’m back in the UK now after spending a fabulous summer in the mountains. Been back for nearly a month and thought I’d better quantify my thoughts about France before it becomes a distant memory!

As you know, we spent the last 6 months living in Chamonix at the foot of Mt Blanc. We had sunshine, rain, hot wind, cold wind, cloud, thunderstorms, humidity and heat – lots of heat.

We started off rather frustratingly with injuries and no broadband. These 2 things really made what should have been an amazing spring a bit frustrating. All I wanted to do was run but my physio had restricted me to only 20 mins every other day. The mountains were calling but we didn’t have the fitness to answer. But the injuries healed and after 6 weeks we finally got some broadband. Life could then settle down to something resembling normal (for us).

Daily life consisted of getting up for a run, having lunch, sunbathing in the afternoon, cooking dinner, evening walk and then plenty of sleep. We picked up some great habits, like a Saturday morning cappuccino at Richards and visiting new places on Saturdays. But it was the simple pleasures that I’ll miss – like standing on the balcony and inhaling a huge breath of alpine air, or sipping a cup of tea in the cool evening air and just generally having enough time to do the things we love.

I recommend taking some time out of daily life to everyone. Once you step back and look at around you realise what is important and what is not. If you can do it you should!

This is what I learnt:

  • get plenty of sleep
  • eat good, fresh food
  • take time to prepare and eat meals
  • run every other day
  • look around once in a while
  • be kind to everyone & everything
  • make good habits out of the things that you enjoy doing
  • get out of breath as much as possible
  • look after your equipment (darning holes, cleaning bikes)
  • buy the stuff you need to do the things you enjoy
  • buy the best equipment you can afford
  • smile loads

This is not the first time we’ve spent a summer in the alps and it probably won’t be the last! I love it, bring on 2011!!  So maybe instead of Au Revoir it should be A Bientot!!!



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  1. December 18, 2010

    I really enjoyed this post – I love the Alps and for the past couple of years have spent two weeks each Summer hiking and camping in France, Switzerland and Italy. Your line “inhaling a huge breath of alpine air” took me back there instantly. Bring on 2011 indeed!

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