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Continuing my series on my favourite gear, I thought it time to introduce you to my all time top running shoe – the North Face Singletrack.

As you can see from the picture they are a beautiful shoe. I chose the grey/blue combination and use them with black freelaces. I think the women’s shoe only comes in grey/blue in the UK but I have seen the men’s in black and a rather fetching orange.

I noticed the lightness immediately when trying the shoes on and it felt super comfortable. I have a bunion on one foot which can make shoes a bit of a problem but North Face have put a stretchy mesh over the area – how thoughtful! Normally, I’d try a running shoe on in a couple of sizes to get the best fit but these felt so right that I bought them straight away!

Running in the shoe is an absolute pleasure. I have had North Face off-road running shoes before – infact, my 2nd pair of running shoes are indeed Northface but these feel completely different. They are light, airy, very cushioned. When running off-road, the tread pattern gives good grip but the most obvious difference from my other shoes is the feel of the trail I get through the shoe. I can feel each rock and root but am not affected by them.

The lightness (each shoes weighs 268g) really enables me to run farther because my legs don’t get tired quickly. It’s important to note that these are a neutral shoe and therefore do not endeavour to alter your running gait. I am normally an overpronator, so was a little worried about running in a neutral shoe but I have not found them a problem. This is probably due to the trails that I run on around Chamonix, always rocky and rooty, frequently off-camber and either up or down – no flat.

They are however, a fair weather running shoe as they are not waterproof and because they are simply too good looking to be covered in mud!




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