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There are several bits of kit that I own that I absolutely love – my custom Oakley Endurings are one of them. I’ve had them for about a year now and use them for mountain bike riding and running. They look cool but above all else, they perform excellently.

I sold my old Oakley M-Frames to buy these cool Endurings because the M-Frames were rather big for my face. These women’s specific sports glasses are designed with a smaller face in mind and fit beautifully. There are two types of lenses – pace and edge – mine have edge but the pace is just as nice with rounder edges.

I decided to treat myself and have a custom pair made as it wasn’t much more money than the off-the-shelf version. I composed my custom choice on and then contacted the lovely James at RX Sport who made them up for me. I chose the ‘brown sugar’ frames to match my mountain bike – Orange Diva Five ‘Brass Monkey’ colour (which was also custom!). My Diva also has white grips/pedals/forks and saddle so I decided on white ear socks and Oakley logo. Then I just replaced my M-Frame lenses with Enduring Edge’s and I was off!! The glasses come in a lovely white case with room for a spare lense and have a white sock for cleaning and carrying them in.

They fit comfortably and don’t move – to be perfectly honest, I forget I’m wearing them most of the time. They never fog up, fall off or annoy in any way, shape or form whether I’m riding, running, in rain, sun, hot or cold.

Altogether – quite pimping and absolutely gorgeous!




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