A journal of running, healthy food, mountains, bikes and technology by Julia Revitt

Well, what a couple of weeks we’ve had! We’ve gone from 9c with rain to 30c with sunshine, the wi-fi is fixed and my training is going so well I can’t stop grinning…

The weather is already at 25c most days but is set to becoming ‘scorching’ according to the forecast – I’ve never seen the forecast for scorching before so I’m not sure how much heat to expect. Bring it on!

And this week, after 2 months of wi-fi in the corridor outside the apartment only, we have wi-fi – in the apartment – yippee! So my iPhone has been getting a hammering from the balcony and it’s given a whole new dimension to sun bathing!

My Dad came out to visit this week too, so I’ve been a guide and taxi service. I only missed one training session though so it hasn’t impacted my schedule and it’s been lovely to catch up with him. Dropped him back at Geneva airport yesterday morning so things are back to normal today.

I’ve been following my training plan for a couple of weeks now and am noticing that both my running and my riding fitness are improving. Today I ran 9k which doesn’t sound like much I know but it was my longest run out here so far, all uphill and off-road in full heat and blazing sunshine – lovely! I was half way through my run when it dawned on me that I was running in the Alps, in the sunshine, preparing for my favourite race – it doesn’t get much better than that! My hubbie drove up to meet me at the end of the run and doused me in icy water from the river – boy I needed that ‘cos my face looked like a beetroot.

I’ve lost a few pounds, my thigh muscles are rock hard and I can lift my bike in and out of the garage with no problems – who needs a gym membership? The Swiss Alpine Half Marathon is in 31 days – so the countdown begins…