A journal of running, healthy food, mountains, bikes and technology by Julia Revitt

It’s 41 days until my half marathon and I haven’t even started on my uphill training sessions yet – gulp!

I ran the race in 2008 and recorded some interesting statistics on my Garmin:

  • 1889m of elevation gain
  • 1392m of elevation loss
  • 3:15 to complete the race
  • Average heart rate 82% of max
  • 925 calories burnt

I was hoping to beat my time quite significantly this year but my training has been restricted due to injury.  So now, the only goal I have is to finish!

I’ve been tracking my progress on Garmin Connect & Daily Mile websites which is great for motivation.

I’m moving into a different phase of training this week.  No longer classing myself as injured or even recovering from injury I am just going to get on with training.  I will, of course, still listen to my body, ice my adductors and stretch after every run.

I am also a mountain biker as well as a runner and yesterday’s mountain bike ride made me realise I am neglecting the riding in favour of the running.  So my new plan will incorporate riding as well as running.  This is what I am proposing…

  • Monday – easy mountain bike ride
  • Tuesday – Long, uphill training run
  • Wednesday – easy mountain bike ride
  • Thursday – Short, intense hill run
  • Friday – longer or more difficult mountain bike ride
  • Saturday – day off
  • Sunday – gentle run with fartlek sprints

I’ll let you know how I get on next week!