A journal of running, healthy food, mountains, bikes and technology by Julia Revitt

We’ve had a varied couple of weeks, with great days out to Les Gets and Annecy along with the frustration of dealing with the French plus the temptation of buying 3 goats…

Summer has arrived in the Alps with the lupins and daisies littering the area – so beautiful. Yesterday morning was piping hot and I came back from a short run through Bois du Bouchet with a face the colour of beetroot! I really need to find a way to keep my head cool on hot runs – I am thinking of adding a flap to the back of my North Face running cap to keep the sun off my neck – I can also douse it in one of the many streams to keep me cool. After the hot run, the clouds boiled up at the end of the valley and by 4pm we had the 1st real cracking thunderstorm of the season – sat on the balcony (before the rain drove me in) watching the clouds crash into the foothills of Mt Blanc.

Last week we visited Annecy for a day of sun and relaxation. Had lunch (3 cheese panini – hmmm) overlooking the lake and bought some new North Face sandals. Thinking of asking North Face to sponsor me but there is nothing that they could give me that I don’t already own – hmmm, maybe a thick waterproof jacket but that’s about it!

This weekend we headed up to Les Gets (where we spent the summers of 99 & 01) to have a look around. After lunch at Lac Montriond just down the road, we popped into Morzine which had some kind of farmyard animal sale going on in it’s main street – we were tempted to buy the 3 goats but were not sure how they’d cope living on a balcony! The shops were mainly shut and it was absolutely dead apart from plenty of downhill mountainbikers taking advantage of the weekend opening of the cable cars. Les Gets was even worse – like a ghost town – I think if you removed the mountainbikers and anyone associated with them there would have been nobody there at all. This is why we chose Chamonix to live in 08 and this year – you can always get a coffee and a brownie no matter what the season or weather!

Training is going well and I feel less daunted about the prospect of running 21k up a mountain at the end of July now. I think my injury has finally healed and I can turn my thoughts to increasing my mileage and speed to train for the race. I am now up to running 45 mins for my longest session but intend to increase this to 52 mins tomorrow and then hopefully next week I can crack the magic hour long session.

When I ran the Swiss Alpine Half in 2008 it took me 3:15 to finish it but I had a heavy cold. I was hoping to complete it this time in 2:45 but now I am just hoping to complete it. I will pull out if my injury re-occurs but other than that should be able to make it up the mountain – whether it’ll be quicker than 2008 is another matter.

5 weeks into our 6 month stint in Chamonix and we still don’t have any broadband. We have managed to get it installed in the apartment now though but it doesn’t work. The lights on the router flash suggestively but nothing connects – so near yet so far! Trying to find out what is happening with it is like trying to get blood out of a stone but I guess it will eventually work – maybe not before we have left though!

Now I have a question… Every Saturday lunchtime at 12pm an air raid siren goes off. I understand this is it’s test but last week it went off mid week – what should we do? Does it mean the river is flooding and we should get to high ground, or is there an avalanche and we should get to the garages, or is it a call to the emergency services?? Questions, questions…