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I’ve been looking for a training plan for a while now as I need to get in shape for the Swiss Alpine Half Marathon but keep pushing myself too hard and ending up injured. A sensible plan will push me but not too much and will build my fitness and running strength gradually. I want to be able to follow the plan and see results – not just feel results but see them in stats and graphs!To start with I needed a plan and after hunting around for a bit I discovered the runnersworld plan. I chose the moderate training plan with a 10% distance increase every week which will hopefully prevent injury. Entering a race result gives the plan a starting pace and entering my half marathon goal gives it a target – very sensible.

So plan in hand, printed out and pinned on my wall I now needed to find a way of recording the statistics from my Garmin Forerunner 305. It produces such a wealth of information that it’s sometimes hard to see the wood from the trees – is the plan working, am I getting fitter or faster. I used to use motionbased website to download the info from the Garmin to but I had lots of technical problems and found it very frustrating. Since I last used motionbased in 2008, Garmin have launched their own website garminconnect and I love it. It downloads the info from my Garmin without problems, produces lovely tables and graphs and allows me to enter the goals from the runnersworld plan. Best of all, I can now upload routes that other people have put onto the website onto my Garmin and discover a whole new set of runs and rides. I can also export data to my own website – so look out for lots of data and blogs coming up!

I’ve just finished my run for the day and have noticed that I worked harder today than on Tuesday and was a bit slower.  I have completed 68% of this week’s goal which is to run 6 miles over three 2 mile runs.  Really looking forward to reaching 100% – I wonder what happens then??