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Calling all lady runners! I recently bought the new running specific Shock Absorber bra and thought you might appreciate a comparison of it with their B109 level 4 sports bra that I've been using for years. Does it do the job and is it worth £10 more?

I was surprised and pleased to see a new Shock Absorber bra specifically designed for runners having used the B109 level 4 sports bra since starting running five or so years ago. I've never had a problem with the B109 and only recently bought a new one so was intrigued to see what the new bra would offer. Their website claims the B5044 has 78% less bounce with less chaffing and movement. The design is very different to the B109 bra with a racer back and an extra fastening between the shoulder blades.

After a bra fitting at John Lewis I settled for a 32″ rather than the 30″ I have in the B109. The new run bra seems to be a lot tighter in the band that the old one but the cup size is exactly the same. It has a snazzy way of altering the straps too which I guess will prevent the straps lengthening during the run – something the B109 did suffer from as I always had to tighten mine up before wearing. It's quite difficult to get into and out of by yourself though as the upper fastening is just at the point in your back that you cannot reach! I found though that the best was is to do the top fastening up first and then get it into position and do up the bottom strap.

I've run in a couple of times now and think it's great. There definitely is less bounce and the soft material is comfortable to wear. It's nice enough to wear on it's own when the heat eventually picks up. 10 out of 10 from me!